Hello PHP developer !

Get the power with the new Orpheus, the PHP framework from your dreams, coming with all features you need ! This framework is made for you, you want to develop your website quickly with something easy-to-use, optimized, secured and standardized by easiest way to use it and the maximum customizing capabilities.

Getting Started

Persistant Entity System

The framework allow you to do not manipulate SQL queries anymore. It includes a SQL Adapter system with a full object entity handling for PHP.

A Light & Powerful Rendering system

You can define the renderer on-the-fly from PHP, as the theme you want. Basically, it includes a Raw Renderer, a HTML Renderer and a Twig Rendering Adapter.

i18n - Internationalization

All features allow you to translate contents using our easy-to-use internationalization library. The translation functions also allow you to pass replacement values from PHP.

Debug Tools Provided

This PHP framework provides you all tools to debug your application, it catches all error that occurred running your scripts and log it for you.

Edit the content online In progress

The framework will provide a CMS library soon, you will be able to edit your application online & inline, no need to edit PHP sources.

Speak about it In progress

We are developing a PHP forum library for our framework, you will be able to create and integrate a forum in your App !

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